Councillor Barry Corbin

Barry CorbinCouncillor Barry Corbin is currently completing his last year of his second term on Berwick Town Council. Barry sits on the Valley Waste Resource Management Board as Vice-Chair, Planning Advisory Committee, Annapolis Valley Trails, Doctor Recruitment, Berwick Fire Commission and the Community Land Trust Committees.

Born in Kentville, NS and having primarily lived in Kings County most of his life, Councillor Corbin completed his undergraduate and master degrees in Science and Education at Both Acadia and St. Mary’s Universities and has spent over 40 years as a teacher, administrator, and curriculum consultant with the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and School of Education at Acadia University.

While residing in the Town of Berwick with his wife, Ann, Barry enjoys cycling and hiking, cottage life, writing, and attending music and theatre events. Barry and Ann have a daughter, Tanya.

Councillor Corbin has volunteered on various charitable organizations and events such as the Berwick Gala Days Road Race.

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