Power Forward Challenge

Equilibrium Engineering and StorTera of Scotland have partnered with the Town of Berwick and Dalhousie University to launch an exciting new smart grid project under Natural Resources Canada’s Power Forward Challenge. The $3M Alba Nova pilot project was selected as the winner, and the project partners were awarded $1M. This project will offer benefits both to participants and the Berwick Electric Commission. The installation of solar (PV) and storage (batteries) with a novel distributed artificial intelligence (AI) control system will help shape the future electric grid.

10 lucky homeowners have had residential solar (~7 kW) and storage (20 kWh) systems installed in their homes. At least 50% of the selected volunteers have also undertaken energy upgrades on their homes that were packaged, delivered and financed with no up-front cost through the town’s turn-key Berwick Green Energy Program.

Berwick will also see two large commercial energy storage systems (250-kW/550 kWh) installed at the Town Hall and the Kings Mutual Century Centre under the Alba Nova project.

The ultimate goal of the Alba Nova pilot project is to increase Berwick Electric’s capacity to take on more renewable energy generation, reduce grid demand through peak shaving and to ramp up energy efficiency while driving down greenhouse gas emissions in the Town of Berwick.

 View a video about the Power Forward Challenge

To read more about Berwick's Power Forward Challenge win: https://www.saltwire.com/nova-scotia/news/berwicks-solar-storage-pilot-project-wins-1-million-prize-100716338/?fbclid=IwAR2kdqDw0ydOXsOnPjbczNed7qvR0-b5opyOIJgGJzMDzEhEtqN2vhQFME8