2003 Inductees

1929-30 Berwick Bruins Hockey Team

In the spring of 1929, citizens of Berwick and vicinity, enthusiastically embarked on a journey to build an up-to-date covered rink. A joint stock company was formed, called The Berwick Arena Ltd. Shares were sold and practically all citizens of the town subscribed for shares. A public meeting was held to determine the building site, cost and financial responsibility. It was decided the skating area would be 160x70 feet, the curling ice 140x14 feet, with a total cost of $7800. The site would be adjacent to the athletic grounds in the centre of town.

By late fall the building was practically ready for use, only eight weeks from the time the first timbers were laid, and many local experts deemed it "the best built arena in the Valley," providing for both skating and curling. In November with the Berwick Arena nearly completed, a meeting of hockey enthusiasts was held and it was decided that a Senior Berwick Hockey Club be formed. A sum of $1.00 per person for fees was agreed upon and it was hoped that all interested would join to promote amateur hockey in the town.

On November 25, 1929, at a meeting of the Berwick Hockey Club, which many attended, it was decided to name the team the Berwick Bruins, starting a tradition that stands today. The uniform colours would be orange and black, and a crest was selected to be worn by the senior team.

The Bruins entered the strong Central Valley Senior Hockey League January 3rd. They had a good showing during the regular season and ended up playing Middleton for the league Championship. In the best 2 of 3 series the Bruins won the first game of the series 3-2 at home. The second game in Middleton 'went all wrong' for the Bruins losing 7-1. In the final game in Berwick the Bruins outplayed Middleton 3-2. It was the fastest game of the season, and was witnessed by a record crowd. The date was February 28,1930.

Because he recruited, managed, coached and was the star defenseman of the original Berwick Bruins, the honour of being the first Berwick Bruin goes to Raymond Douglas Johnson. The members of the team were:


Neil Keddy (Goalie)
Raymond McPhee (Goalie)
Charles Nichols
Henry Lloyd
Sid Johnstone
Raymond Douglas Johnson
Tom Dauphinee
Bernie Ward
Bill Kinsman
Lewis Pierce
Leslie Ward
Tom Parker

Winning a league Championship the first year of play in a new arena was truly a Hall of Fame achievement.

Inducted June 2003