Councillor Mike Trinacty

Mike TrinactyCouncillor Mike Trinacty was born in Halifax and has lived in Windsor, NS and Tyne Valley, PEI and now lives in the Town of Berwick with his wife, Brenda. Mike and Brenda have two adult children, Melanie and Jill.

Councillor Trinacty has served on Berwick Town Council for 24 years and volunteers with the Valley Wildcats, Kings County Trails Society and WKM Health Society.

Mike sits on various committees such as Community Development, Community Land Trust, Berwick Electric Commission, Audit and Admin Committee, Berwick Hall of Fame, KMCC Governance Town Representative, Regional Emergency Measures, Annapolis Valley Trails, and the NSFM Active Transportation Committee.

Councillor Trinacty has a Recreation Degree from Acadia University. Mike spent 8 years employed at the Town of Berwick as Recreation Director, then 2 years at the NS Youth Centre and retired with 27 years as a Province of NS Regional Recreation Manager.

Mike enjoys curling, hockey, golf, biking, gardening, guitar, reading and fitness during his retirement.