2001 Inductees

1956 - 57 Berwick Apple Kings Nova Scotia And Maritime Junior Hockey Champions

In 1956-57, a group of widely recruited junior hockey players, playing as a Berwick-based team, accomplished what no other Annapolis Valley junior team had done before — winning the Nova Scotia and Maritime Junior Hockey Championships. Local businessman W.B.(Bill) Wilson and physician Dr. R.A. Moreash, well-known hockey promoters, recruited a team of the best junior hockey players from throughout the Valley and collegiate level to play under the name of the Berwick AppleKings wearing the famous colours of the Boston Bruins. Under the guidance of Coach Gerald White and managers, George Langille and Jack Murphy, the AppleKings proved to be a powerhouse. The AppleKings exhibited a good balance of speed, size, offense and defense and were said in the local press to "display a good brand of hockey". Although Berwick was home base, the AppleKings also played "home games" in a number of other Valley rinks particularly during the run to the championship in order to accommodate more fans.

The path to the eventual Maritime crown began on February 22, 1957 at the Berwick Arena when the AppleKings so soundly defeated Middleton 29-4 in the first game of a two-game series that Middleton conceded. What turned out to be the toughest series took place next when the AppleKings emerged from a terrific battle with St. Ann's College winning the series 14-11. With a 19 11 total goal series win over the Antigonish Bulldogs, the AppleKings became the Nova Scotia Champions. Winning the Maritime crown was a relatively easier feat when the AppleKings swamped the Saint John Beavers 24-9 in the two-game series. There was an interesting footnote to this final series. After the opening game in Saint John, the Saint John team came to Berwick on the DAR Dayliner and were billeted at the homes of Berwick residents. The Berwick management then provided transportation for both teams to Windsor the next day where the final game was played. Berwick was justly proud of how the town supported the AppleKings and still displayed such sportsmanship in hosting the Saint John boys. As the local newspaper reported: "Becoming the Nova Scotia and Maritime champions in Junior hockey is mighty big stuff'.

1956-57 Berwick AppleKings — Nova Scotia/Maritime Junior Hockey Champions

Jock Lewis
Dave Ratchford
Bill Buntain
Jim Sherriff
Ducky McLean
Don Fox
Dave Beardsley
Boyd Lutz
Lionel Kennedy
Bill Dickie
Don Hill
John Hanson
Harry Stirling
Bob Dauphinee
Jim O' Regan
Don Grant
Duncan McLean

President: Dr. R. A. Moreash
Secretary: W. B. Wilson
Coach: Gerald White
Manager: George Langille
Assistant Manager: Jack Murphy
Mascot: Donald Morse

Inducted June 2001