2004 Inductees

Allison H Ward 1921-1978

Allison was born in Weston, Kings County, N.S. on May 27, 1921.

Raised on the family farm in Weston, Kings County, he perfected his great skating ability at a young age on the pond behind the farm that was known as the Weston Rink.

It has been said that perhaps no one individual has had more to do with the success of the Berwick Bruins Hockey Team over the years than Allison Ward.

Armed with one of the most feared wrist shots with deadly accuracy, heavy in its impact, it brought the sweat out of every goaltender that faced him. Time after time one could witness the "sagging of the twine" from one of Allison's shots. In fact, in one game, Allison scored from his own blue line with the opposing goalie in position.

Farm work and his employment in the winter with the Department of Highways kept him in top physical condition and farm life, family life, and the love of hockey were evident as his passions.

He joined the Berwick Bruins at the age of 15 and he was instrumental in leading the team to the Maritime Intermediate Hockey Championship in 1943-44, as well as winning three consecutive Nova Scotia Hockey titles between 1943-1946.

His quiet demeanor and ambitious determination, coupled with his great shot were key to all aspects of the Berwick Bruins winning the championships.

His accomplishments as a player are numerous. In February 1945 in one game against the Windsor Ramblers, he scored 12 goals and had 6 assists. He was the career scoring leader of the Berwick Bruins from 1939-1948. He accumulated numerous game MVP awards and as for determination he finished a game once in Windsor after sustaining a broken jaw.

Allison's career was regenerated after the artificial ice was put in and he continued to play into the 1960's.

Allison has also been previously inducted into the Berwick Sports Hall of Fame in June 2000 as a member of the 1943-44 Berwick Bruins and in June 2003 as a member of the 1944-45 Berwick Bruins. In the 1980's, the Berwick Bruins instituted the Allison Ward Memorial trophy to go to the most valuable player each season.

The smile that he constantly wore was contagious and those that knew him around the hockey circuit, in the community, and at home, truly believed he was indeed the "MOST VALUABLE PLAYER".

Inducted June 2004