2001 Inductees

Berwick "Three - Stars" 1933 - 1936 Western Nova Scotia Junior Hockey Champions

In 1933 shortly after the first arena was opened in Berwick . local sports promoter Art Robinson saw the need to develop the talents of a number of gifted local junior hockey players through stronger competition. Soon he had assembled a strong squad of skaters who quickly became a fast-skating and highly competitive team. The Three-Stars featured many players whose names are quite familiar to Berwick residents today — Glen Dakin, Earle and Vic Robinson, Roland Woodworth, Lester and Orley Bligh, John Hiltz — to name but a few. A number of strong intermediate and senior players actually had their competitive start with this junior team including Orlay Bligh, inducted into the Berwick Sports Hall of Fame during the first year of selection. The unusual name for the team was derived from the manager Art Robinson's employer — Standard Oil whose topselling product at the time was "Three Star gasoline".

The Three-Stars won the western Nova Scotia hockey championship all four years of their operation but, despite being very competitive, were never able to beat the Halifax or Truro teams whom they always met after the Valley championship. In 1933 the Berwick squad defeated the Halifax Wolverines 2-1 in the second game of the two-game series for the provincial crown but lost the series 4-3. In 1935 after beating Truro 3-1 at Berwick — a game described as being the best ever played in the new arena - the Three- Stars lost the provincial crown again when Truro won the second game and captured the series 8-7. In both series, Lester "Maggie" Bligh, goaltender for Berwick was frequently described as "sensational" and cited for his outstanding play in newspaper accounts of the games. His particular worth became very evident in the 1936 provincial playoffs when a close game with Halifax Canadians turned into a route after goalie Bligh was injured
early in the second period.

Although never provincial champions, the Three-Stars represent a significant step in the evolution of sport in Berwick. Nearly coinciding with the building of the new arena, the Three-Stars was the first team to gather wide fan appeal and enjoy success both on and off the ice. It was also the first managerial and promotion effort of Art Robinson and with this early success, Robinson went on to organize and coordinate nearly two decades of rich and successful sports teams and events in Berwick. The Three-Stars were the foundation of this success.

The 1933 — 36 Berwick Three-Stars

Manager/Coach: Art Robinson
Asst. Coach: W.O. Bligh
Mascot: Earl Robinson

Lester Bligh (33-36)
Robert Hayes(33-34)
Ellis(Bub) Parker(33-34)
Vic Robinson(35-36)
Ron Anderson(36)
Charles Cahill(36)
Harold Morse(35)
Ted Poole(35)
Orlay Bligh(33-35)
John lEltz(33-36)
Ted Parker(34-35)
Ken Salsman(35-36)
Graham Best(35)
Leighton Carey(36)
Charlie Neily(33)
Phillip Spurr(36)
Glen Dakin(33-36)
Bernie LeBlanc(33-36)
Albert Potter(33-36)
Roland Woodworth(33-36)
Paul Blackbum(35)
Charles Cook(34)
Gerald Nichols(33)

Inducted June 2001