Congratulations West Kings Graduates

Congratulations on the celebration of your graduation from West Kings District High School!

Along with your family and friends, we would like to extend our congratulations on this accomplishment. Though the celebrations look a little bit different this year, your accomplishments are still recognized.

The world is full of great opportunities as you enter this new chapter in your life. The hard work and discipline it takes to gain this celebration demonstrates your willingness and ability to face future responsibilities and challenges the future will certainly hold.

Whatever life holds for you and wherever it leads you, be confident in your ability to bring success to yourself and others. Set your goals high and be faithful to your ideals and your roots. While serving others you will find greatness and within yourself you can make a difference.

Stay in touch with the friends you made during your high school years. Keep the fond memories close and reminisce often. Seek further learning whenever you can and enjoy each and every moment.

Congratulations West Kings Class of 2020!

Best wishes from the Town of Berwick!


You did it! Congratuations, West Kings Class of 2020. Best wishes from the Town of Berwick.