2002 Inductees

Connie (Hiltz) Archer

Because Rainforth Park stared into the west windows of the Hiltz household and since she was raised in a sports-minded family, there was little doubt that Connie would have an interest in sports. At an early age, as she watched older girls playing ball, Connie developed a keen interest in competing. When her natural ability to excel became evident, she was soon invited to join the older girls where she fit in very well athletically despite her young age.

Connie's sports career began in the early 1960's through her participation in various team sports and individual school sports particularly Track and Field in which she excelled. Her outstanding performances in interscholastic Track and Field started in 1963-64 with Kings County and Nova Scotia firsts in the shot put. This strong beginning was soon followed by great performances in discus and javelin at the local and provincial levels. In 1966 at the Kings County and Nova Scotia Headmasters provincial championships, Connie gave an exemplary performance by winning all three throwing events and finishing first in the shot put, discus and javelin. Her winning tosses included 30 feet 10 ¾ inches in the shot put; 82 feet 3 inches in the discus; and 78 fee 8 inches in the javelin. Her total score of 21 points placed her among the top point getters in the entire meet.

As well as being a star in Track and Field, team sports became a large part of Connie's life. Because of her great sportsmanship - always staying within the rules of fair competition and yet displaying her strong competitive nature - success would follow in school volleyball and in particular basketball. For three years prior to 1967, Coach John Prall had worked the Berwick Senior Girls Basketball team hard to strengthen and develop a highly competitive squad. Under Connie's leadership and captaincy, the Berwick girls went on to win the 1967 Headmasters provincial school championship - the first time in the history of Berwick school. In addition to starring in sports, Connie excelled in other areas. These included being and exchange student, accumulating high point totals in school participation programs, and winning Citizenship awards and Athlete of the Year.

Connie drew upon many talents - determination, hard work, natural ability, her competitive nature, her coachability, a great love of sport, her positive attitude and willingness to learn new techniques and best of all her immense capacity for team leadership. J.P. Prall, her longtime coach summed it all up this way: "I found Connie to be one of the best athletes, I had the privilege to coach... and I feel very fortunate to have had that opportunity."