International Women's Day

For International Women's Day, on March 8th, the Town of Berwick wishes to recognize notable women from the Town of Berwick.
This may be a woman who was born in Berwick, grew up in the Town or lived here at any period of her life.
We are seeking submissions of any woman who you feel is deserving of recognition - maybe she was a well-known artist, maybe she was an athlete, maybe she's your neighbor who does kind deeds for others!
These women's names and their photos (if available) will be displayed on the Town of Berwick's Electronic Sign in the week leading up to, and including, March 8, 2021.
We are seeking information on women from our "pre-Berwick" days in the late 1800s, all the way to 2021.
Submissions for recognition can be submitted here:

International Womens Day Facebook Post