Volunteer Recognition - Nominations Open!

January 8, 2021:

Superhero /ˈsuːpɚˌhiroʊ/ noun
1 : a fictional character who has amazing powers (such as the ability to fly)
2 : a very heroic person

Superheroes are real and they live in our community

We have real superheroes here in the Town of Berwick - they are our volunteers; the people leading change and making a difference in our community.

Nominate a deserving volunteer today, for recognition this spring.

A volunteer, in our definition, is a person who is engaged in the community without expectation of paid remuneration for their service. This could be someone who is organizing events, engaging residents on social media, coaching sports, involved in community organizations or in many other roles!

We want to celebrate them all!

The nomination form can be found here: