Low Income Property Tax Exemption

The Low Income Property Tax Exemption is available to low income residential property owners living in their own homes and whose taxes are not in arrears. The exemption is granted to every person assessed with respect to taxable property in the Town of Berwick whose total income from all sources (and including the income of all other persons of the same family residing in the same household as the applicant ratepayer) for the year preceding the year for which the exemption is sought (i.e. 2021) is $27,000 (Twenty-Seven Thousand Dollars) or less excluding War Veteran's Allowance or War Pension, and who is a resident of the Town of Berwick.

Application forms are now available at the Town Hall, or to download a copy of the application form click on this link:  2022 Low Income Property Tax Exemption Form

The application form must be completed in full and returned to the Town Hall on or before August 31, 2022.