African Heritage Month

At the February 9, 2021 Council Meeting the Town of Berwick proclaimed February to be African Heritage Month in the Town of Berwick. 

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On February 10, 2021 Berwick resident and grade six student, Hannah Huntley raised the Pan African flag in front of the Town of Berwick Town Hall.

This is the first time the flag has flown in front of Town Hall.

In front of a small crowd, Mayor Don Clarke read the official proclamation from the Council Meeting stating that February is recognized as African Heritage Month in the Town of Berwick and then invited Hannah forward to officially raise the flag.

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Snow Safety

Last week Taylor, our Recreation Coordinator, and Cst Jeff Wilson of the Kings District RCMP gave a presentation at Berwick and District School about snow safety - playing safe and staying safe when it's snowy and cold!
Cst Wilson was on 89.3 K-Rock this week and chatted about why he, and we here at the Town of Berwick, think this is SO important.

You can listen to Cst Wilson's segment here:
And find more information about the Sammy the Snowplow Program here:

Winter Fun - February 12-19


Lincoln Alexander Day

Earlier this week, we shared messaging about Martin Luther King Jr Day – a holiday in the United States, celebrating the life and impact of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, January 21, in Canada is Lincoln Alexander Day.

Lincoln Alexander became the first black Member of Parliament in Canada when he was elected in 1968 (he went on to serve for twelve years!).
He became Canada’s first Black Cabinet Minister, upon his appointment as the federal Minister of Labour (1979-1980) and he topped these remarkable achievements by becoming Canada’s first Black Lieutenant Governor when he was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (1985-1991).

Alexander went on to hold many important positions outside of his political career, including being the first chairman of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

“[The General] said, ‘. . . you have got a hell of a job because [racism] is all over the place.’ And he is right. But because it is all over the place doesn’t give you the right to sit back and say, ‘well, we can’t try to eradicate it, lessen it.’ I think we have to be in the forefront, and let these people know that it is evil, it is terrible.”

You can learn more about Lincoln Alexander here:

Black Lives Matter.

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Martin Luther King Jr Day

Today, in the United States, it is Martin Luther King Jr Day - a holiday, recognizing the achievements of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr was an influential, pivotal figure in the modern civil rights movement and his leadership has, and continues to, inspire people globally.

We are taking time today to learn, to listen and look at the work to be done in our community.

Black Lives Matter.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

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Youth Survey!

Are you a parent of a youth aged 11-15? Do you work with youth 11-15? Are YOU a youth aged 11-15? We'd love to have your input on current and future programming opportunities with the Town of Berwick!
A brief survey can be found here:
Please note that the most efficient way to have your feedback considered is to fill out the survey form, as social media comments can be missed!

Seeking input